Wednesday, March 26, 2008

FW: The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2008

Today we find Matilda mastering the tradition of an Easter Egg Hunt. There is nothing like a bit of chocolate for an incentive. Stand by for the sugar rush. Three, Two, One...

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All day long

Matilda's vocab is still forming, but there's already a couple of phrases she can say. I'm not sure if she thinks of them as a single word, but the most frequent phrases we hear are:
up and down
all day long
We have finally realised they are from M's favourite song - The Wheels on the Bus. The book at daycare has each verse ending with "all day long", which M's Mummy and Daddy only realised was a possible ending when we were watching Good News Week the other week. We'd both learnt it as ending "all the way to town". M also has a good grip of some of the actions that go with the song - the driver going "beep beep beep" and the babies on the bus going "waah waah waah". ;)
M sure loves her music. We arrived at daycare yesterday morning, normally she burls straight into her room ... but yesterday she stopped at the door. She could hear music. It was loud. It didn't seem to be coming from her daycare room, but from another room. We ended up going into the Senior Toddlers room, where we found the CD player belting out a Wiggles song. It was so loud, but Matilda started stomping her foot as she soon as she was in there. Then we went outside to play, as the music was up loud so that the kids could hear it outside ...
I went to the gym last night, and John put M to bed. She didn't fall asleep straight away, and chatted away in her bed for a while. John was mucking around in the study and heard some "all day long"s coming from M's room ... too cute!