Friday, September 14, 2007

Eyes update

We saw the opthamologist yesterday. Matilda's surgery will be on Weds Nov 14. Three of the four horizontal muscles around her eyes will be cut and either loosened or tightened. This will hopefully get her closer to using both eyes together, rather than independently. It's day surgery, and if there are no complications, she should be back at daycare, etc, the following Monday.
We also discovered that M will never be able to be a commercial or fighter pilot (commerical and military aviation industries are out), or an opthamologist, as even with the surgeries, she will not develop stereopsis (true depth perception). We're not too concerned about that at this stage, but apparently she won't ever have proper depth perception.
Until the surgery, we need to keep up the patching to keep her eyes even, but now alternating between the two eyes, and for just one hour a day. The girls at daycare are awesome with her patches now ... I just need to work on being so good about them during home days ...

New photos

Playing with the Mardi Gras beads
Yum, avocado face mask
But if I can reach it, I can touch it, right??

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Favourite toys and Fathers Day

Some of Matilda's favourite toys at the moment boggle our minds ... the bottom part of a plastic chinese takeaway container can keep M entertained longer than a Lamaze toy ... an empty tissue box (well, she'd love a full tissue box even more, but that's just TOO messy) ... the recycling crate with old paper and plastic bottles in it ...
John had a pretty good first Fathers day - my hopes of letting him sleep in were dashed when M got super grizzly during brekky. After some medicine and a few cuddles, M perked up and then had a BIG sleep (2 hours) that morning. After her sleep, we took her Daddy to Wagamama for lunch. Yummy. :) Dinner was at bro Cam's place - he cooked Roast Lamb for us all. Cuddles all round, and a lovely fam dinner with Cam's flatmates, too. M loved exploring all over the apartment, and finding out just how un-baby-proof a bachelor pad is ... ;)