Thursday, February 07, 2008

Aunty Kate's Birthday Bash

Check the time. Our party girl was up rocking late again at her cool Aunt's Birthday party. Compliments to the pastry chef. The cake is excellent. So is not having to lift a finger to feed yourself.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Year Pics

Playing in MorMor's drawers
Babycino at home ;)
Happy Birthday Grandad!
@ BF Daniel's birthday party - M lurrvved the trampoline. The rapport between D and M is astouding for kids so young!
Helping Grandma with the cleaning ...
Playing in the park
After taking a few falls in the park, loves to go down the slippery slide alone!
Grandad repaired and repainted Mummy's play cot for M. Dolly apparently likes to be wrapped in plastic.
Yes, there is a cranky side to Matilda. She can get annoyed with the Mamarazzi. She can throw tanties. She *is* a toddler now.
Surfing at Rainbow (low tide)
More water baby action. The band around M's head is to keep her swimming ear plugs in (which keep water out of her nice open grommet -filled ears).For some reason, M just wanted to wear Daddy's Shirt up at Rainbow, no matter that she could barely walk in it!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Updates on Miss M

OK, I've been really slack lately, and I know people are looking for new pics of M. I should have some up by the end of the week. I've finally got a new laptop (Dell XPS M1330 for the geeks), and am busily using up the 350GB HD with photos ... :) I've uploaded all the pics from the little camera in Memory Manager (CM digi photo sorting software), and the pics from the big camera are uploading in the background.
What's been happening since Christmas:
  • New Years Eve - celebrated at the Hookers, our little party animal stayed up until 9:45 pm!! She then crashed pretty solidly until the revelry outside her window at midnight. Took a while to calm down, and then slept until about 8. Big afternoon sleep when we got home (phew for exhausted parents who went to bed at 3:30 or something crazy like that).
  • Jan 7 - Happy Birthday Aunty Petie!! We checked out her newly painted apartment, with its gorgeous, but not Matilda and food friendly cream couch. :)
  • Jan 14 - Grommet operation. All went well, so much faster than the eye op (duh). Didn't even get a drip anaesthetic - just gas (but still totally knocked out). I didn't cry this time ... Recovered well in the hospital, had a sleep on Mummy, then went home just before lunch. No voms in the car (phew), but also, no afternoon sleep thanks to the sleep with Mum ... M is very much a one sleep only a day girl, and it's much shorter if it happens in the morning.
  • Later that week - had to take M home from daycare due to a "rash spreading". Went to the GP, all was well, then had to take a day off as the modem was broken at home, and couldn't work.
  • Aus Day weekend - went to Rainbow Beach to visit GG Caroline. M had a great time, but perhaps driving at night is not a good option for her, unless we're up for 1-2 hours of wakefulness and burning off some energy when we arrive. The 2 or so hours sleep in the car is enough to make M feel alive, and we don't seem to be able to get her in bed without her waking up a bit later.
    Found out that M loves the surf, all goes well as long as we put in ear plugs and a band around her head in the car park, not on the beach when she can see the waves! M doesn't know about blowing bubbles or how dep water is, but was quite happy to splash and play with Mummy and Daddy in relatively deep water. She also had great fun charming the town.
  • Tues 29th - moved up to the junior Toddlers room. M loves it, and loves the level of activity the group do. It's much more of a routine than the babies room (where they let each child run on their own routine), but she's fine with it.
  • M is practially running now, and getting very determined about what she does and doesn't want to do. I thought tantrums weren't meant to start until the "terrible twos", but I was wrong!
  • Vocab - Dada, Mama (rarely), shoeshoe, Ma - for snack, more, milk ... ,up/up and down (thanks to Great Gran).