Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Weekend Away

Happy Birthday Aunty Kate!
For Christmas, Janet, Kate, and Darren gave the rest of the family a weekend away together - what fun! So in early Feb, we went to Peppers Resort at Salt (yes, those are not made up locations/names) for a wonderful weekend together. As it happened, that was the weekend of Kate's birthday, so were able to spend the whole weekend celebrating together!
Aunty Janet picked up some American-style cupcakes from Poppy's Cakes at Emporium. Yum!
Cuddles with Mama while eating yummy cupcakes.
Mama and Dada had a room to themselves - Matilda stayed in the same apartment as Grandma, Grandad, and Aunty Janet. Aunty Janet and M were roomies for the weekend - luckily Aunty Janet is an early bird!
Mama and Dada's room had a lovely big bathroom with a big spa bath. When M spotted Mama having a bath on Sat afternoon, she decided to join in the fun. It was very deep water though - M could only just sit in the bath without being covered up. She did NOT like the spa jets.
After a big day of swimming, no nap, and lots of fun, Matilda fell asleep while we were out for dinner on Aunty Kate's birthday. Grandma's sweet singing in her ear helped, too, I suspect.

Lots of willing arms to cuddle our sleeping girl.
I want to keep swimming! Why are you taking a photo and not swimming with me?! More swimming!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Storybook pages

So since about January, I've been working on a Storybook for Matilda from our trip to Europe last year. I finished it on Thursday night, uploaded it to Creative Memories in Sydney, and it arrived on Monday! I was so surprised at how quickly it arrived. Yay! Here are some of the pages I did:

Last page