Saturday, July 28, 2007

Doctor's appointment

We saw the opthamologist on Thursday. M's right eye is getting better, but we still need to keep patching. The doctor is keen to operate as soon as M is using her eyes evenly to see. If we have to, we're going to put something like Elastoplast over M's patch to try to keep it on. Hopefully as her right eye gets stronger (again), M will protest less about the patch ... fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Seriously pulling up now

As I picked M up from childcare today, her carer stopped me to tell me what another beautiful day it was with M, and how much she loved playing outside and even pulled herself up to STANDING on the frame outside. Goodness me! It's still unfortunate timing, what with winter weather and our polished wood floors ... but I guess M'll figure out a way around it, or get lots of bumps!
M is also babbling happily, lots of bababababab, dadadaad, wawawwaawawa, and some mamamama. None of it's really aimed at anyone or intentional, so the linguist in me doesn't want to call it speech yet ... it's still babble.
The patching is not working very well. We're finding it impossible to keep a patch on for more than a few minutes, M just rips it off. Little tricker. At least we generally catch her before it's in her mouth ... We see the opthamologist on Thursday; hopefully he'll have some ideas of what to do to keep the patch on ...

Friday, July 20, 2007

June-July Photos

Cuddles with Unca Cam
Happy Birthday Gramps!
Got Milk?
Helping with the recycling ...
Rugged up on a cold Sat to go to the Farmer's Markets

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trying to stand?

Matilda is trying to stand. So far, our polished wood floors are getting the best of her. John is also joking that we're spraying oil on the floor to make sure she keeps crawling ... ;)
There's not a great deal of furniture for M to pull herself up onto. She tries to pull up on the recylcing crate, and also the footrest for the highchair, but everything else so far is just a bit high, particularly given that she's still commando crawling, rather than up on her hands and knees. It will be interesting to see how quickly she progresses ...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Matilda now has five teeth, very much proof that they don't "erupt" in pairs all the time! Two on the top and three on the bottom. I'm still feeding her first thing in the morning and before bed at night (bottles during the day), but that might change if she starts biting hard. :( Generally I'm able to discourage her from biting pretty quickly, and I remind her to be gentle with Mummy.
We had dinner tonight at Punjabi Palace at West End with Rhonda from WA. It's odd - normally Rhonda and I get to see each other in the states, rarely do we get to catch up in Aus! But she might be coming over to Brisvegas a bit for work, yay! Matilda joined in, and for about the first time ever, finished a jar of store-bought savoury food. Heinz Organic Chicken and Sweet Potato. Generally she turns her nose up at the store-bought savoury food, but loves the sweet stuff. She also devoured a jar of fruit and really got stuck into a rusk with her teeth. She loved being in the restaurant with all the people and noise - maybe Miss M is more of an extrovert than her parents are! :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sitting to crawling; food

M is starting to master the art of moving from sitting to crawling. Until last week, she could only go from sitting to crawling by falling backwards, rolling onto her tummy, and then starting to commando crawl. Now she can fold herself forwards, move her legs out from underneath herself and start crawling away. Yay!
M's being pretty good about the variety of food that she'll eat, but she's not keen on lumpy stuff yet. I'm not sure if I'm being impatient and haven't moved to lumpier food slowly enough or if M would just prefer to suck down food and not have to chew on it. Her top front teeth have cut through, so she's now got five teeth (well, ok, little bits of teeth in some cases) to chew with ...
She is eating vegemite toast quite happily, in small enough pieces. She really doesn't like bought food, and I think we need to start making some more interesting food to eat. And I need to not forget when we put aside leftover food to be mashed up for her ...

Welcome back J & J

On Sunday we went to visit James and Janet in their new house - yay! Welcome back to the sunshine state after what ... 8 or 9 years down south! Can't wait to visit in summer and have swims. :)

Great-Grandad Moore

M's great-grandad Moore passed away last Monday morning, 2nd July after being sick for a long time (9 years since his first stroke). M and I spent the day with her MorMor, Great-Grandma Moore and Great-Uncle Harry, to cheer them all up, especially Great-Grandma. The rest of our week was normal, and GG's funeral was on Friday afternoon at Corpus Christi at Nundah. The priest from that parish, Fr John, has been visiting GG in his nursing home for years, so the family decided that would be an appropriate place for the mass. M was really good through the service, apart from wanting to add to her Great-Uncle Ian's eulogy with her own ... we quickly plugged her up with a dummy, as we were hoping she might doze off. M dozed off in the car on the way to the cemetary and slept through the internment. At the end of the day, we had some drinks and nibblies at a function room at the retirement complex Great-Grandma is living in. Lots of family, but only about two people told me that they hadn't "see you since you were *this* high". ;) M behaved really well, had lots of cuddles, and a bit of crawling time in a corner out of the way of adult feet.