Monday, April 30, 2007

Back from the beach, off to Melbourne!

We're back from our first family vacation to Rainbow Beach. While there, M had lots of cuddles with Great-Gran Caroline, ate sand, started moving lots more, continued to dislike tinned veges (much prefers Daddy's home cooked veges), started having a bottle feed in the afternoon (and then started refusing it!). A plaque to M's Great-Gramps (my Gramps) was unveiled during the Anzac Day commemorations, and we had a big Taylor family lunch at the Sports & Rec club afterwards. While we were away, I also found out M might have a spot for two days a week at a childcare centre near Mincom central. The news made going back to work seem so soon!
Tomorrow, we're off to Melbourne for a few days for the AODC conference. M's first plane flight - woo hoo! Our flights are at sleep time, so hopefully that will be a good thing ... we'll soon find out. Lots of warm clothes are ready to be packed, and M and Daddy will be having lots of fun together in Melbourne. And I might be spending a bit more time with M than at the conference if the bottle refusal continues ... just because I thought the bottle would go well, she's been having maybe one bottle a week practically since birth ... oh well! :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

More photos from the Mama-razzi

James and Janet visited from Sydney, and met M for the first time
M with Janet
The closest M got to wearing the chicken suit she got for Christmas (to wear at Easter). Most of the tags on the suit said 00, which is what M is wearing now, but it's actually a multi size - 00-1! Hopefully it will fit next Easter ... or she'll just have to wear the chicken outfit to the shops or something. ;)
With Grandad in the park With Grandma in the park

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hoppy Easter Everyone!
We had a very quiet long weekend for M's first easter. We had planned to go to church on Good Friday (always a very interesting service at St Mark's, with Bryan Nason and the troupe from Grin and Tonic reading relevant literature/bible passages instead of the readings and sermon) and also on Easter Sunday, but the 9:30 service is proving to be very awkwardly timed right now. If M wakes up around 7ish, then by 9:15-9:30, she's ready for her morning sleep ... and she won't sleep in the pram or in our arms at church ... too much going on. Next year will be a different story!
M was very lucky, and the Easter Bunny brought her gifts ... a white choc bunny and a train of small eggs. The Easter Bunny also left gifts for M with MorMor (some warm clothes to wear in Melbourne while I'm at AODC), Grandma and Grandad Richardson (a fluffy bunny and an egg), and the Hookers (a bunny mug and an egg). I don't think we're going to be able to save the eggs for M until she's allowed to eat chocolate ...
On Easter Sunday, we had a picnic in the park with the John's Mum and Dad and sister Janet. It was great fun, and M loved looking up at the tall gum trees and listening to the noises of kids playing cricket and footy and generally having fun in the park. She also got to participate in her favourite activity ... being adored and cuddled by her family! :)
On Easter Monday, we spent the afternoon and evening with the Hookers. The kids just adored looking at M; D in particular was fascinated with her. M is going to have so much fun trying to catch up with them as she gets older. She loved having the kids talking to her and helping her play with her toys.