Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011 Family holiday - part 3

 Cars for sale on the Champs Elysees
 I didn't realise Laduree was on the Champs Elysee; I was so glad to spot it! We crossed the road to check it out, what a divine selection of deliciousness!
 In the Laduree display window. This pic is now blown up and in our kitchen. :)
 Inside Laduree. There are no signs, but apparently you aren't meant to take photos.
A special room at the rear of Laduree.
 Macarons, ready to go into the display cabinet and be sold.
 McDonald's McCafe at Versailles - yes, those are macarons!
Because lining up at the counter and being served takes so long, why not order and pay at a machine, and then line up to collect your order. Certainly easier if there are language issues, but does this really improve efficiency?

2011 Family holiday - part 2

 M thought the trees outside Invalides looked like ice creams, so she had to eat some!
 We bought a two day bus tour ticket - such warm weather was perfect, although a bit toasty, for sitting on top of the bus.
 Looking suitably solemn at St Eustach church; we stumbled across it near Les Halles on our way to Rue Montorgueil
 Three years later, back at Shakespeare & Co. This time Mama was able to browse & even buy a book!
 Outside the main doors to our apartment, in the 4th Arr.
 Playing chasey after our visit to Invalides.
 On the Rue Montorgueil - foodie heaven! We had been expecting more of a market stall area, but it was fantastic.
 Coffee and a snack to keep us going, at Le Pain Quotidien on Rue Montorgueil.
 Mmmm ...
This (now empty) shop reminded us of a picture from Matilda's "This is Paris" book. Genuine horse meat no longer sold here.
 The cafe below our apartment. So many books! Kid's fish & chips was salmon + chips!
On the bus.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Family holiday

 Tuckered out in Singapore. Our flight to LHR left at 11:59pm Singapore time, which is 1:59am Brisbane time. Tilda didn't sleep on the way to SIN, so she flaked out while we waited for the boarding call.
 Trying to get comfy on board, before takeoff. Very hard to have a tired wee person and keep them happy while *not* reclining their seat. Eventually got her comfy enough, and reclined the seat as soon as I could.
 Upgrades for the family! Spoiling everyone, including Grandma and Grandad on their first trip to Europe.
 Getting comfy before takeoff (still trying)
 You know what, Mum? This makes a pretty comfy little cubby.
 We are in Paris and it is spring!
Wandering around near our apartment (in the 4th), our first afternoon.
 Grandad takes almost as many photos as Mama. (This pic taken by M)
 Lovely carousel outside the Hotel de Ville.
 This is the purple jumper that was lost somewhere in the Paris metro, apparently. Could have done with this layer on the morning of the Dawn Service. Here, we are on our way to the Eiffel Tower.
 Waiting for the first lift.
 A view from the tower.
 Happy fmaily snap (M wanted to be climbing stairs)
Grandma and Grandad atop the tower