Thursday, March 29, 2007

And we thought she was really rolling before ...

Yesterday, Matilda started rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling. We only have polished wood floors in our house, no carpet, so thus far M's experience of the house is either from the bouncer or lying on a play mat between the couch and TV. She's now easily rolling beyond the boundaries of the play mat, and trying to roll up the TV unit or whatever objects might be in the way. As she's leading the roll with her head, she can get a little bit hurt as she rolls ... hopefully she'll figure out how to roll without hurting herself! Looks like we'll have to look at making some baby-proofing measures to the house ... finally.
Solids are going well, with rice cereal for brekky and pumpkin for dinner each day. We'll probably include another food in the next day or so. We're introducing one new food each 5 or so days, as technically we've started solids a bit early, so for now we're being a bit cautious.

March Photos

Playing on the floor
Enjoying her weekly bath (thanks to water restrictions, and the fact she doesn't get too dirty, M mainly gets sponge baths)
Sleeping "bum up"
Hard at work on our weekend away
Sitting up in the highchair for the first time

Mmmmmm ... this is tastier than that rice cereal!
Yummy ... pumpkin is so much nicer than rice cereal ... 'specially all over my face, bib, and bouncer

Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekends away and starting solids

Last weekend, M and I went on a Creative Memories scrapbooking retreat. I wasn't sure about taking M with me (most of the ladies there are Mums, and the weekend away is not only to work on their albums, but to get away from their kids!!!), but it worked out fairly well. She just started sleeping through again (finally) last week, but of course didn't on the weekend. On Sunday morning, I realised that she must be growing through a growth spurt, so figured out how to deal with that. On the whole, M coped very well, and enjoyed playing and having lots of cuddles with the ladies. I even got some album pages done - and they weren't about M. I've started our 2001 family memories album; I'm going to wait another month or two before starting M's album, as I think there's some exciting new products on the way ...
With the growth spurt in mind, on Sunday night, we tried M with some rice cereal mixed with a bit of breast milk. She ate it all, making some very exciting faces along the way (what is this mushy stuff in my mouth? it tastes a bit like milk, but it's more squodgy?). We were very excited that our journey to solids was on the way. On Monday afternoon, I tried a bit more farex, but it was perhaps too quickly after M's afternoon tea, and she did not take to it well. Either that, or she'd sussed us out and suspected us of poisoning her *joke*. We tried farex a couple more times for the next few days, then last night tried some organic pumpkin and wild rice (freebie in a baby bag). This also didn't go down well - M clamped her jaws shut and kept turning her head. I wasn't sure if this was a "I don't like it, not ready for it" signal or a "Not really very keen on this mushy stuff you keep shoving in my mouth" signal. I tried again this afternoon, as that's generally M's hungriest time - she wakes up from her pre-dinner catnap adamantly requesting food. After many attempts, I thought our best plan of action might be to smear her bib with food, and let her suck it off ... but something happened, and she finished the two teaspoons of food I'd scooped out for her!! There was pumpkin on her feet, on me, all over her face ... but I hope at least half of it made it into her tummy ... :)
I'll post pics later ...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eyes update

We saw the opthamologist again today. Basically, there's no news to report. M's eyes don't turn all the time, so there's no point operating, as there's nothing consistent to correct. Her eyes also may end up turning out if we operate, though if we really wanted to, there's a Dr in LA who would operate on her in her current condition ...
For now, it's a waiting game to see if perhaps M's visual development is a bit slow and will correct itself, just a bit later than it normally does for other kids. The Dr has had patients who've been up to a year old before their eyes have corrected themselves. Although, the older she gets, the less likely it is that they will correct and stay straight all of the time. M's eyes seem to be otherwise fine. We go back in about 8 weeks for another checkup ...