Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pirates, Daycare, and Vomiting - oh my!

Matilda is going very well with her eye patch, and generally doesn't rip it off ... too quickly! We're calling her our little pirate, and thanks to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I picked up a few of pirate-themed kids books at Borders this week. We're now reading "That's not my Pirate" each night before bed. :)
Matilda started daycare last week, just two days a week for the moment, and we'll increase it to three days when I start work. Last week she spent half days at the centre, and it went rather well. I think the carers were excited to have a (relatively) little one there as all the other kids in the babies room are close to moving up to the toddlers room ... they're so old at 15 months or so!! This week Matilda spent almost the whole days there, and on the second day she even managed to have a decent afternoon sleep - pretty good given that she hasn't really shared a room with a bunch of other kids before. Next week John will take her in and pick her up, and I'll be at home ... doing jobs! Matilda's even done her first painting already, how quickly they do new things at daycare. :)
Last Wednesday as we were driving to the Hookers to watch the State of Origin match, Matilda vomited all over herself and a fair bit of her carseat. On Tuesday as we got home from town, she did the same thing. I had been thinking that she could have inherited my motion sickness, or possibly the vomiting has been brought on by her teething (we found two bottom teeth starting to stick up out of the gums last Thursday). One of the other guys at John's work has an older girl who's teething, and she's been vomiting, too. Different baby books seem to say everything from there are no side effects/symptoms of teething to yucky poos are a dead-on giveaway that teething's about to happen ...
Anyway, my motion sickness theory has now been sidelined. Matilda just vomited all over her Aunty Janet straight after dinner tonight. There's no food that's a common denominator, so I'm a bit stuck as to what's causing this (and no temperatures, lethargy, only a bit of grumpiness).
I love to share all of the fun stuff! :) Will post more photos soon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

OK, a bunch of stuff has been happening in the past few weeks. Let's start with Miss M's eyes. We saw the opthamologist last week, he was quite happy with her visual development, and said it's where he expects it to be for her age. However, her esotropia is not getting better, and we have to start patching her right eye to strengthen the left one. There will be surgery at some point after M uses her eyes more equally and before she turns two. The first two times I tried to buy eye patches, the pharmacy assistants hadn't heard of orthoptic patches, so I was sent to the wrong product (a standard, sterile adult-size eye patch, with no sticky stuff). Yesterday I finally found the right ones, which are easier to get on than the contraption we had her in yesterday ... tape over half her face, poor thing. The patches aren't fun to put on or remove, but hopefully M will get used to them.
On Saturday, Brett and Lexie came over and we spent the day cleaning up our yard (lots and lots of old palm branches/fronds pilling up around the place). 380kgs of green waste was taken to the dump. Awesome effort, which took pretty much all day - Brett was the only one who expected it would take that long! We finished the day with fish and chips on the deck. Thanks guys!! Just don't ever touch my cycad again ... :)
Sunday was my first Mothers' Day. Matilda celebrated by waking me at 5, 5:30-6, 6:30 and then finally at 7:30. I received a very nice swatch watch, and then John cooked us brekky.
We had a late morning tea with John's family, which was followed by a yummy lunch, and then my Mum and Grandma came over for roast chicken dinner. It was a great day, but a bit unsettled for M. After all the action of the weekend, she slept very well on Monday!
Yesterday, we went to check out the childcare centre that has a couple of days available for M. It's a block away from work, so very convenient, and they have an open door policy for parents (so either of us could pop in and feed M at lunch time, if we wanted). I think M will love it there, and have so much fun playing with the other kids. The staff seem very caring and experienced, and we can gradually start childcare with just an hour or two next week, which is what I'd hoped - I didn't want to be trying to start back at work on the same day M started childcare! The staff fill out lots of forms through the day for the parents about what the kids ate, what appeared in their nappies, how they played, etc, etc, so you can have a pretty good idea of what kind of day your child has had.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

April-May Photos

Inspecting the Australian Flag on ANZAC day
With Aunty Jen on ANZAC Day
Taylor mob next to (my) Gramps' plaque
Taylor mob under Taylor Lane sign, named for (my) Gramps
Hanging with MorMor in the Qantas Club before flying to Melbourne
On the plane ...
Meeting Uncle Campbell
With Great-Grandma Moore and my cousin Felicity
Cuddles with Aunty Peta

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


We had our first family aeroplane trip last week, and it went pretty well. On both flights we had a row of three seats to ourselves, which was nice. I pretty much held M most of the time on both flights, except when I was eating dinner. I didn't mean to hog her, it just happened that way! M flew really well, the flight to Melbourne was great, just a little bit of grizzling. The flight home was slightly less great, M was more tired, but she went really well - anything other than screaming for the whole flight is a good thing! On arrival back in Brissie, M was completely unphased by it all, she didn't even wake up until people started standing up and getting their bags out of the overhead compartments.
M and her Dad had a great time in Melbourne, though JR found it tricky to actually get to do very much around M's sleep times. She does fall asleep in the pram, but doesn't tend to sleep for very long in it, and when you're walking around there's too much random noise that can wake her at just the wrong moment. However, they did get to Southgate and the Crown complex (where M just had to have a Batman stuffed toy from the Warner Bros store), as well as wandering around the centre of town. On Friday morning I decided to skip the conference and join my fam, and we went out for brekky in a little laneway off Flinders St. We had a nice enough brekky, M had some apples, and I got up to pay the bill while JR played with M. All of sudden JR was calling my name loudly, so I go over and M is vomiting all over herself, her pram, what a mess! M's first real projectile vomit ... in a cafe in Melbourne! Poor thing. The owner of the cafe was great, as he had three kids of his own. We got M cleaned up a bit, and headed back to the hotel to let her rest. We're not sure what the matter was, but after another vomit after lunch, we decided to avoid solids at dinner.
On Thurs night I noticed M repeating CVCV constructions for the first time (or first time I've remembered it). That's consonant vowel consonant vowel constructions. She now says ba ba ba ba. We've decided however that her first word is WOW. This seems to crop up quite a bit and
is relatively distinct. I don't know if we're reading too much into the sounds as first time parents though ... ;)