Sunday, September 07, 2008

Angel in Disguise ...

This hat was given to all conference attendess, in lieu (I guess?) of the more usual conference T-Shirt. Every girl needs a hot pink cowboy hat. Particularly to wear with your Rome Zoo T-Shirt.

In the middle of August, Daddy and Matilda had another special bonding weekend while Mummy went to Creative Memories' consultant conference, Showcase, at the Gold Coast. The weekend had a pink (with a bit of bright orange) theme. On the first night, Mummy and her team dressed up as "Angels in Disguise" - wings, horns, hot pink tutus, and badges, with breast cancer pink T-Shirts and dark pants. When Mummy got home, it was Matilda's turn to try out Mummy's costume ... here she is with the wings and the horns!

Happy Father's Day!

One-handed babycino drinking at Cafe Mama - Matilda and Mummy took Daddy out for breakfast

Matilda's first breakfast with Daddy on Father's Day
Wearing Aunty Jen or Aunty Petie's shoes
Dad, Lylia, all the kids, and the first grandchild (exciting news: grandbaby number two expected by March 2009 - Dan and Susan are expecting!)
Happy Father's Day Grampsy, hope you like these pickled onions we found for you