Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Pics

Posing , a few weeks after the operation
Getting ready for a swim at Anne & Jason's ... first time in a pool in about 10 months!
Swimming with Mummy

At the Cathedral for their children's service, Christmas Eve afternoon
Unwrapping pressies Christmas Eve with Gramps and Gran Lylia
Getting tired ... Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning ... unwrapping pressies with Mummy
and with Daddy!
Woohoo! First wheels!
Look what Daddy made me on Boxing Day - a cubby!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Walking, walking, walking

Matilda is now mostly walking everywhere. Now and then when faced with an obstruction, she'll either walk over it or resort to crawling. She can go faster if she holds one of our hands, and still enjoys doing that. Except when we're trying to steer her in a direction she doesn't want to follow ...
Yesterday, we noticed that we could tell M was getting tired, not by her eye rubbing, but by the number of times she was falling onto her bum. Thanks goodness for whatever padding a nappy provides!
We've put up the Christmas tree, and decorated it, and put up M's Nativity scene and Santa's sled. At the moment, he greatest joy comes in pulling them apart, and chucking everything on the floor (it's all Little People stuff, and suitable for a 1 year old!!!). I'm trying to instill some meaning into her, but between her attention span and the back of my head saying "baby cheeses" thanks to Kath and Kim, we'll see if any of it sticks. And singing Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer! It is rather odd in this sweltering summer heat to be singing to my child about dashing through the snow ...
Matilda isn't able to get at the tree, thanks to a play pen I bought from someone at work. She can reach some of the branches and ornaments, but we're clearing them as much as we can. So far, turning on the lights at night haven't elicited much of a response.