Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Gifts

OK, so Matilda won't really understand Christmas this year, or get too excited about any presents she receives (unless they possibly have a yummy sucking texure!). But I'm pretty sure Santa will still visit her, and I haven't been able to stop myself from finding a few things here and there for her ... :)
One very cool set of gifts for the people who have it all is on this site:
Gifts are available from a Secret Santa/Kris Kringle price range ($5) right through to tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars. Why not show someone you love them this Christmas and give them a goat or toilet (or give those items to someone else who really needs them on your friend's behalf)?? ;)

Our Christmas tree is up, lights are out the front (OK, so they've been there since last Christmas, but now we're turning them on at night ...), the garlands are decorated (ditto about being up since last year) and plans have been made for Christmas lunch at our house. We're having Christmas Eve dinner with my Dad, Lylia and siblings, except for Cam who's having a white Christmas in Canada. Then, Christmas morning and lunch at home with John's family and my Mum. If Matilda can cope, we're then going to celebrate Christmas night with John's Broadhurst family. And that's all the family celebrations this year!
The Taylors had a bit of a get-together last night at the Brekky Creek hotel, thanks to cousin Ben being in town. Ben works on an oil rig off the north coast of Norway, and has a flat in Madrid (but if I overheard a convo with Petie correctly, there's a move to Norway on the cards, together with Laura). So, we don't get to see Ben too often and any excuse is a good one to get together and eat some yummy steaks. Matilda actually managed to sleep with all the noise in the Spanish steak garden, but didn't really enjoy eating her dinner in that atmosphere. Definitely a night where a bottle feed is required, rather than attempting to breastfeed. We're encouraged by Matilda's ability to sleep around noise, particularly with New Year's Eve coming up, and our annual celebrations with the Hooker clan. This Christmas will be fun with Matilda here with us, even if she can't really rip wrapping paper just yet ...

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