Thursday, March 29, 2007

And we thought she was really rolling before ...

Yesterday, Matilda started rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling. We only have polished wood floors in our house, no carpet, so thus far M's experience of the house is either from the bouncer or lying on a play mat between the couch and TV. She's now easily rolling beyond the boundaries of the play mat, and trying to roll up the TV unit or whatever objects might be in the way. As she's leading the roll with her head, she can get a little bit hurt as she rolls ... hopefully she'll figure out how to roll without hurting herself! Looks like we'll have to look at making some baby-proofing measures to the house ... finally.
Solids are going well, with rice cereal for brekky and pumpkin for dinner each day. We'll probably include another food in the next day or so. We're introducing one new food each 5 or so days, as technically we've started solids a bit early, so for now we're being a bit cautious.

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