Monday, April 30, 2007

Back from the beach, off to Melbourne!

We're back from our first family vacation to Rainbow Beach. While there, M had lots of cuddles with Great-Gran Caroline, ate sand, started moving lots more, continued to dislike tinned veges (much prefers Daddy's home cooked veges), started having a bottle feed in the afternoon (and then started refusing it!). A plaque to M's Great-Gramps (my Gramps) was unveiled during the Anzac Day commemorations, and we had a big Taylor family lunch at the Sports & Rec club afterwards. While we were away, I also found out M might have a spot for two days a week at a childcare centre near Mincom central. The news made going back to work seem so soon!
Tomorrow, we're off to Melbourne for a few days for the AODC conference. M's first plane flight - woo hoo! Our flights are at sleep time, so hopefully that will be a good thing ... we'll soon find out. Lots of warm clothes are ready to be packed, and M and Daddy will be having lots of fun together in Melbourne. And I might be spending a bit more time with M than at the conference if the bottle refusal continues ... just because I thought the bottle would go well, she's been having maybe one bottle a week practically since birth ... oh well! :)

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