Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Seriously pulling up now

As I picked M up from childcare today, her carer stopped me to tell me what another beautiful day it was with M, and how much she loved playing outside and even pulled herself up to STANDING on the frame outside. Goodness me! It's still unfortunate timing, what with winter weather and our polished wood floors ... but I guess M'll figure out a way around it, or get lots of bumps!
M is also babbling happily, lots of bababababab, dadadaad, wawawwaawawa, and some mamamama. None of it's really aimed at anyone or intentional, so the linguist in me doesn't want to call it speech yet ... it's still babble.
The patching is not working very well. We're finding it impossible to keep a patch on for more than a few minutes, M just rips it off. Little tricker. At least we generally catch her before it's in her mouth ... We see the opthamologist on Thursday; hopefully he'll have some ideas of what to do to keep the patch on ...

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Nicky said...

When I was young I wore a patch to correct my vision. Sometimes Mum had to put surgical tape on it. That's harder to get off.

Once I got older (and grew eyebrows) I was less likely to rip it off.

Perhaps she'd do better with a "pirate" patch. The ones that don't stick on they just go around your head. At least it might take a bit longer to get into her mouth!