Thursday, August 09, 2007

Waving Bye Bye

Matilda has started waving Bye Bye in the past couple of days. I first saw her do it when she was strapped onto my front in the Baby Bjorn as we were leaving daycare. How cute!
Also at daycare this week, the "big" kids (I'm talking the 2 year olds) were so happy to see M. They exclaimed "It's Baby Matilda!" when she arrived, and one day one little girl came up and gave M a hug, and then everyone else followed suit. How cute. :)

We had to bring M home early today - a temp of 38.8. She started getting hot last night, and gets better with doses of Panadol. We took her to the GP this arvo, she has a middle ear infection (again), but he doesn't think that's the cause of the temp. Might be in for a few rough nights ... we'll see .. fingers crossed for good sleep for M and her parents!

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