Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Favourite toys and Fathers Day

Some of Matilda's favourite toys at the moment boggle our minds ... the bottom part of a plastic chinese takeaway container can keep M entertained longer than a Lamaze toy ... an empty tissue box (well, she'd love a full tissue box even more, but that's just TOO messy) ... the recycling crate with old paper and plastic bottles in it ...
John had a pretty good first Fathers day - my hopes of letting him sleep in were dashed when M got super grizzly during brekky. After some medicine and a few cuddles, M perked up and then had a BIG sleep (2 hours) that morning. After her sleep, we took her Daddy to Wagamama for lunch. Yummy. :) Dinner was at bro Cam's place - he cooked Roast Lamb for us all. Cuddles all round, and a lovely fam dinner with Cam's flatmates, too. M loved exploring all over the apartment, and finding out just how un-baby-proof a bachelor pad is ... ;)

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James said...

Reminds me of the Mastercard ad: ".... watching her play with the box instead? Priceless!"

Same goes for codercat, actually.