Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm 1 now

Matilda is now one ... and I've almost started her first album! :P
We had a little party, with just some family and godparents. Not all of the people who love and care for Matilda, but we thought we'd keep this year relatively quiet, given M doesn't yet understand what a birthday means. She had a great time, and a big sleep right in the middle, which rather mucked up our plans for the cake - it was meant to be morning tea, not post-lunch ... oh well!
M is doing well, crawling really well, although this week it's with her left knee and right foot on the ground, if you can imagine that. M and her Dad had the weekend alone this past weekend, and all went swimmingly well, so it seems they'll cope when I'm in the US for work for 16 days. But I know we'll all miss one another.

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