Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Pics

Posing , a few weeks after the operation
Getting ready for a swim at Anne & Jason's ... first time in a pool in about 10 months!
Swimming with Mummy

At the Cathedral for their children's service, Christmas Eve afternoon
Unwrapping pressies Christmas Eve with Gramps and Gran Lylia
Getting tired ... Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning ... unwrapping pressies with Mummy
and with Daddy!
Woohoo! First wheels!
Look what Daddy made me on Boxing Day - a cubby!


Char said...

Hey, Kirsty! The pics are great, and M's eyes look fabulous!

Thanks for sharing :-)


Anonymous said...

Great photos, Kirsty. M's eyes look fantastic!! I wonder if her walking prowess increased because she can see better now... Of course, it could just be her developmental age.