Monday, April 07, 2008

10 days to go ...

On the 17th April, we all leave on our first big big big family adventure - a trip to Europe. For some reason, we thought that the three of us travelling in an enclosed tube for 24 hours, then moving around from hotel to hotel every three days, and visting countries where we can barely say "I'll have a pint please, oh, and two wines for the adults" would be FUN. I am yet to meet a parent who thinks putting a toddler on a plane from Australia to London is a good idea ...
Anyway, most of the plans are made (just accommodation in Singapore and Florence to go, oh, and one pesky car hire bit!), we all have valid passports, we almost have international drivers licences, and so it's almost just the packing to organise! That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.
Our plans:
18 - 21 April - London
21 - 24 April - Paris
24 - 28 April - Somme (ANZAC day)
28 April - airport hotel
29 April - 4 May - Rome
4 - 6 May - Florence
6 - 9 May - Venice
9 -11 May - Essen (Germany)
11 May - airport hotel
12 - 15 May - Singapore
16 May ... arrive home, bleary eyed ... and we'll know if we want to travel on such a big trip with a toddler again!

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