Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Toilet news

I knew I'd grab you with that title. ;)
Matilda now happily pats her pants/nappy and pronounces "poo poo" multiple times a day. So we take off her nappy, and pop her on the potty/loo. She sits there for three seconds, then pulls off some toilet paper and happily throws it in the bowl. Now, in a post like this, believe me, I'm not leaving out any gory details ... that's ALL she does. Then she wants to get off, we take her off, and put her nappy back on/a new one on, and proceed with the day until the next "poo poo" announcement. Oh, the glamour of being a parent to a toddler! At least she's interested in the toilet and understands something about the process, even if her brain hasn't yet linked urinating and defecating with the toilet ...
We generally get M to sit on the potty before her bath, and have had limited success with the odd wee or two. The most successful was when we'd just got her undressed, and she started weeing on the floor. With both parents suddenly yelling STOP, Matilda did. We popped her on the potty and she overcame any surprise, and proceded to wee. Yay!

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