Sunday, September 07, 2008

Angel in Disguise ...

This hat was given to all conference attendess, in lieu (I guess?) of the more usual conference T-Shirt. Every girl needs a hot pink cowboy hat. Particularly to wear with your Rome Zoo T-Shirt.

In the middle of August, Daddy and Matilda had another special bonding weekend while Mummy went to Creative Memories' consultant conference, Showcase, at the Gold Coast. The weekend had a pink (with a bit of bright orange) theme. On the first night, Mummy and her team dressed up as "Angels in Disguise" - wings, horns, hot pink tutus, and badges, with breast cancer pink T-Shirts and dark pants. When Mummy got home, it was Matilda's turn to try out Mummy's costume ... here she is with the wings and the horns!

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