Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flood pics

I can't be bothered fighting with blogger to get these pics in chronological order. Just wanted to get some up so you can see the damage we've had (and we are very blessed and thankful that unlike so many other Brisbane residents, we have a roof, we can still live in our house, our only power outage was due to JR turning off the mains). Will post more later.

Water mark on bricks in garage.
CM studio at front of house, after most water had flowed/been pushed out.

View of our clothesline and neighbour's yard

View of our back yard from the deck.

View of our front yard - fairly early on, about 4:30am


Garage before we took the cars up to higher ground.

Other downstairs room, as we are surveying the water levels. Tip: paper/cardboard and water do not mix. ;)

Floor of CM studio room after we woke up.

First view of the water, internal stairs. Ahead is the garage, to the left is the room with the bookshelves and boxes, and to the right is my CM studio.


Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Oh, wow. Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you! Glad to see that at least some(?) of your floors are tile.

I know things are bad enough, but I'm happy that you and your loved ones are all safe!!

Will be thinking of you and hoping it cleans up fast!

Laetitia :-) said...

Did you lose much in the way of stock?

Blogger said...

Crikey! We had mad storms here too, but more wind than water - only those unlucky enough to get tree-thru-roof suffered... Looks like you'll be clearing up till Xmas!

David Farbey said...

So sorry to see your flood damage - hope you're able to get back to normal very quickly

KT said...

@ Jane - Downstairs is all tile, so we just have nasty creek water smell, not that *and* wet carpet smell. ;) It's all about the small blessings. We are so happy we're all safe and well, and feel we can't complain much when other people lost rooves earlier in the week, then had to go through more storms.

@ Laetitia - I mainly lost my own products, they were on the floor in my Deco Tote, etc. Tools seem to be OK. Most paper and stickers are gone, and an album cover. Otherwise, I lost a bunch of old BEs, so nothing too earth shattering. All my customer stuff was up well above the water line.

We've got most of the basic stuff cleaned up, and just a few things left to dry out. Some more things to clean, and other than that, the main job is getting the smell out and itemising things for insurance. Thanks to our family and friends, who have been a HUGE help to us.