Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa is a Kidnapper (apparently)

We've always thought Matilda would be a talker, and as her vocab continues to develop, we're seeing plenty of signs of her future potential (and suspect ear plugs will be our future).

Last weekend, M could not stop saying:

Santa coming, picking up Tilda.

She said it over and over, again and again. She told everyone at daycare on Monday how Santa was coming to pick her up, and by Tuesday it morphed into Santa and Mummy coming to pick up Tilda. It seems in M's mind right now, Santa picks up the children, not sure if it's the naughty ones or the good ones, rather than dropping off presents. And I'm not sure how I got involved in the children taking (JR has a theory about M confusing the "I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus" song ... but I don't think M even knows it!).

But, M knows Santa is coming ... we really ought to get out the not-too-badly-flooded Fisher Price Nativity set for her to play with, because that'll just innately teach her the real Christmas story, right? ;)

Except I think baby Jesus is still in the car. Oops.

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