Friday, February 20, 2009

January pics

(Yes, I realise it's almost the end of Feb!!)

New Year's day. It isn't just Mama's shoes that get stolen,but also Daddy's joggers. And what else to accompany joggers but fairy wings? And, did you notice, super large shoes also provide a handy butt seat. ;)
Having too much fun running around GG's unit. Always guaranteed that Matilda will clean the fly screens naturally while we're there (by pressing herself up against them).

Lunch and a swim at Damien and Emma's (yay!! they're in Aus now, and even walking distance from us, we don't have to fly for 24+ hours to see them anymore!!). It rained while we were in the pool, and afterwards, Matilda had to dry the back deck. I'm still trying to figure out why she will clean what she does, and blissfully ignores other messes ... I suspect I'll have this motherly dilemma for the next 20 years or so?!

GG Caroline got these shoes for M, I think for her first birthday. They're the funky kind that help kids learn about laces, zips, buttons. Well, our shoe girl had to wear them one day, which made pedalling the trike a wee bit interesting. And please don't look too closely at the dirty deck - we've still got water restrictions. Really, it's nothing to do with laziness AT ALL.

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Laetitia :-) said...

I wouldn't have noticed the 'dirty deck' without your bringing to my attention. Besides, it's a deck, it's outside, it's going to get dirty!