Thursday, August 19, 2010


At Matilda's last ophthalmologist appointment, we were told she needs to start wearing glasses. Doctor had been telling us that she'd need glasses for at least a year, so we weren't surprised.
We went to a local optometry store to get her prescription filled. There was a decent range of kiddy, durable glasses frames. Luckily, Matilda doesn't know who Hannah Montana is, but there were no Princess or Fairy frames. But, there *were* pink frames with hearts on the sides:
So Matilda now wears glasses all day, every day. She has tried to tell us a few times that her eyes are better now, but of course we'll only take her professional opinion when she has a medicine degree.

I love this other photo, blurriness and snotty nose and all:

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Jane of Seagull Fountain said...

Cute glasses!

Tom and I both wear glasses, so I imagine at some point our daughters will too. I got my first pair at 13, and they were very similar in color to Matilda's!