Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011 Family holiday - part 2

 M thought the trees outside Invalides looked like ice creams, so she had to eat some!
 We bought a two day bus tour ticket - such warm weather was perfect, although a bit toasty, for sitting on top of the bus.
 Looking suitably solemn at St Eustach church; we stumbled across it near Les Halles on our way to Rue Montorgueil
 Three years later, back at Shakespeare & Co. This time Mama was able to browse & even buy a book!
 Outside the main doors to our apartment, in the 4th Arr.
 Playing chasey after our visit to Invalides.
 On the Rue Montorgueil - foodie heaven! We had been expecting more of a market stall area, but it was fantastic.
 Coffee and a snack to keep us going, at Le Pain Quotidien on Rue Montorgueil.
 Mmmm ...
This (now empty) shop reminded us of a picture from Matilda's "This is Paris" book. Genuine horse meat no longer sold here.
 The cafe below our apartment. So many books! Kid's fish & chips was salmon + chips!
On the bus.

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Laetitia :-) said...

I expect there are a few people (I won't name the nationality for fear of starting a flame war if someone else stumbles across your site) who will miss the horse-meat shop.