Sunday, June 17, 2007

Driving Distractions

Yesterday, we went for a wee drive before lunch. There was a house in Wooloowin I wanted to drive past that I'd seen online (not that we're even seriously looking for a new house yet, but I am checking out a few real estate websites). So we drove past that house, then the house in Nelson St Dad and Lib owned (I remember staying there when Peta was so young), another house I house sat once, and then headed to Portside for lunch. As we were waiting at a red light to turn into Junction Rd, I turned to look over my left shoulder. Matilda's sitting facing forward in the car now - very distracting when I look over my shoulder, as I normally get a great big smile each time! Something didn't seem quite right. I looked back towards the lights again, still red, and then looked back at Matilda. Now she seemed to be choking without any noises ... oh crap ... but at least her mouth was open, and there was something in it. I let go of the wheel, said something like "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" and reached back and was able to pull the item out of her mouth. Meanwhile, John put the park brake on, and opened his door, trying to get me to say something about what was going on.
I looked at the object I pulled out of Matilda's mouth. It was her eye patch, it's kind of like a band-aid, so it isn't very big; not normally easy to rip off, but very easy to try to eat. Matilda still puts everything in her mouth, and she has choked on some bits of chunkier food, so I've experienced her choking sitting right in front of me at the highchair, but never out of my sight like that. Very scary, but luckily quickly over and all OK. We realised afterwards that we weren't that far from our GP's rooms, and also were only about 4 housese away from Prof Led, a paediatric surgeon we know. Phew. Now Matilda's just fine, and we're going to take off the patch if it's starting to get that loose.

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