Thursday, June 28, 2007

Opthamologist today

We took M to see Dr Forrest today. We now have to patch her other eye (formerly known as her "bad" eye) because her former "good" eye is now not working as well. M is actually preferring her "bad" eye. The doctor hasn't seen a patient switch eye like this in the past four to five years.
He also doesn't seem to have so many other patients who pull off and try to eat their patches ... M did that again on Monday.
So we're going to be patching her left eye for the next month, and we'll see doctor again at the end of July. If her eyes are even at that point, it looks like we'll have to act quickly with her surgery before her eyes potentially swap over again ... it's all rather interesting, as I thought her right eye was not responding in the best possible way to patching!

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