Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Year Pics

Playing in MorMor's drawers
Babycino at home ;)
Happy Birthday Grandad!
@ BF Daniel's birthday party - M lurrvved the trampoline. The rapport between D and M is astouding for kids so young!
Helping Grandma with the cleaning ...
Playing in the park
After taking a few falls in the park, loves to go down the slippery slide alone!
Grandad repaired and repainted Mummy's play cot for M. Dolly apparently likes to be wrapped in plastic.
Yes, there is a cranky side to Matilda. She can get annoyed with the Mamarazzi. She can throw tanties. She *is* a toddler now.
Surfing at Rainbow (low tide)
More water baby action. The band around M's head is to keep her swimming ear plugs in (which keep water out of her nice open grommet -filled ears).For some reason, M just wanted to wear Daddy's Shirt up at Rainbow, no matter that she could barely walk in it!!!

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