Sunday, May 18, 2008

Germany pics

We visited Mummy's former host family, the Reinekes in Essen. Dieter and Inge picked us up from the Duesseldorf airport, and took us home to their house for dinner - yummy chicken soup followed by potato salad and sausage. A bit of wine (for the adults) from Lichti winemaker to wash it down with. We spent most of the weekend enjoying the luckily BEAUTIFUL weather in the backyard, and Matilda escaping next door to play with Carlo and his little play house (haueschen).
Inge provided lots of yummy food, as always, and Guido was able to come back for the weekend to meet Matilda. Dieter also loved playing with Matilda, and took us all to Gruga park on Saturday to some special play areas for Matilda to discover. Vielen Schoenen Dank Dieter, Inge, und Guido. Mwa! from Matilda (kuesschen).

Watering the garden with Inge
Cuddles with Inge after breakfast on Sunday morning
Joachim, Brigitte, and their dog Nele joined us for breakfast in the garden on Sunday morning. Dieter helped Matilda become friends with Nele.
Shwing Guido blocks (from Carlo next door's old toys)
Sweeping the ground ... that really was clean enough!

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