Sunday, May 18, 2008

Italy pics

Checking out the pigeons in St Mark's Square, Venice
Dancing with Samuel from the US in St Mark's Square
About to head off on a walking tour around a little bit of Venice ...
Mmmm ... Gelato from Captain Cono!
Finally, a bonus for travelling with a baby in a stroller, we were able to use lifts a fair bit through the Vatican Museum, and this one had seats! How posh!
Matilda's room in the Aurealia Residence, Rome. We were upgraded to a two bedroom apartment! We had probably more living space in that apartment than in our upstairs at home.
On the carousel in Florence. The carousel runs 24x7.
Not happy getting off the carousel and being told you can't get back on ...
Matilda Lisa?!
St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
Researching what to do next after St. Peter's, while Mum and Dad talk to a nice American bloke.
Dance time!
Kid magnet ON at the Vatican Museum
A dog Matilda is happy to pat at the front
First proper taste of Gelato (refused ice cream in Paris, and at home until now). Eating Daddy's pistachio flavoured gelato.
Meeting the other monkeys at Rome Zoo
Meeting kids at Rome Zoo, on International Matilda Day (as declared by M's parents)
Chasing pigeons in St Peter's Square
Asleep ... can't remember where or why ... but who cares?

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