Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tomorrow I am Two

Today is Matilda's last day of Being One. She started the day by not waking up until the very late hour of 6:45am. After dressing and deciding on the second pair of shoes for the day, Matilda accompanied her parents in the car to daycare.
Car is a popular word. But Bus is much more exciting.
M doesn't really understand that tomorrow is her birthday. I'm sure next year will be VERY different. We discussed that today is her last day of being one, and tomorrow she will be two. M very seriously repeated the words one and two to us. ;)

We've talked about a cake, and tried to solicit feedback from M on her preferences. Cake is pretty much the preference, and she has started to do the traditional kid thing of eating the icing first, but at least she'll then eat some cake, too. Some fun presents have been planned for months, and luckily we have been able to store them in absolute plain sight for weeks now.
M is now talking up a storm. Sometimes her words are hard to understand, but her pronounciation is getting better all the time. Youghurt almost sounds like youghurt now (after a while of sounding like "shok"). M's favourite saying right now is "Tilda hold it" or "My hold it". She loves "holding" things - the Vita Brits packet out of the pantry in the morning, Mumma's mobile phone, the cordless phone, the jammies before getting into them/after getting out of them ...

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