Sunday, June 07, 2009

Aloha 2! ;)

Each night at our hotel, the Embassy Suites in Waikiki, there was a Manager's Reception in the Grand Lanai, with some snacks, free drinkie-poos (which for Matilda was a Sprite, Juice, water and ice concoction of our making), and Hawai'ian entertainment, featuring singers and hula dancers. Matilda called the hula dancers "dancing ladies". As we'd exit the lift on our way to the reception, Matilda woudl run and yell "dancing ladies!!!!" (she'd do the same thing, but yell "brekky" in the morning on our way to the brekky buffet, or yell "fhwimming" on the way to the pool). Matilda loved watching the dancing and listening to the music. I'm not keen on her being involved in activities at this age, but after our trip, I'm wondering if she'd really love some dancing lessons.

One night, we made our way to the Hilton Hawaiian Village and dinner at Benihana (US chain of Teppanyaki restaurants that we love). We went down to the lobby area, and asked for a taxi ... and were shown a stretch limo!!! So this was our sweet ride to Benihana, which does not have a kid's menu, contrary to the info on their website. :(

Cute photo of Matilda swimming - hat, floaties (water wings), rash shirt.

Matilda's version of water boarding her father. Not sure where this tendency for torture has come from!

We succumbed and got Matilda a "Monkey Bubbles" drink from the pool bar - some soft drink in a coconut carved to look like a Monkey head. We were able to bring the coconut home without any problems with customs - we declared everything we had, and the only dodgy thing was the Kukui nut (candle nut) lei that John got at Paradise Cove. That was confiscated (though we could have paid $30 to have it treated) - so we were glad we didn't buy any in Honolulu, as plenty of tourist shops had Kukui nut leis at 3 for $USD10 or so.

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Blogger said...

At least she's waterboarding daddy not you... I reckon you should play it by ear WRT activities; if there's no pressure coming from you, it'll all be right.