Monday, June 01, 2009

Aloha from Honolulu!

We arrived in Honolulu just over a week ago, after a more stressful trip than we anticipated - we left Brisbane over 2 hours late thanks to a mechanical failure, so what was meant to be a leisurely commute to the International airport turned into a bolt, including running through the Domestic airport and getting priority passes to get through Immigration and Customs!
The International flight was pretty uneventful, once Matilda finally sat down and then finally fell asleep. The all-male flight attendant crew did not succumb to her cuteness, and insisted on her sitting down - we tried to tell them it might have more impact if they roused on her rather than us, but hey.
When we arrived at our hotel mid-morning on the same day we left, our room wasn't ready, so we all got changed into Summer clothes, and went for a walk on the beach - bad move, Matilda just wanted to get into the water! We went up the beach from the Outrigger to the Sheraton (one of the Sheratons), then wandered Kalakaua Ave until we found somewhere unique and local for lunch. Burger King. Shortly after lunch time, we went back to the hotel and were able to check in, and John and I broke out jet lag rules and had an afternoon nap.

Our days since arriving have mainly centred around swimming. Matilda prefers the pool for some reason, but we are determined to get back to Waikiki at least once before leaving (and tomorrow we're getting a car and heading up to the North Shore to see if we can see some turtles and have some of the allegedly best Shave Ice around).

We went to the Waikiki Aquarium. Matilda loved the shark display, and while professing to being scared of the crabs, also kissed them through the glass. She's all style, our girl.

Waiting for a hermit crab to crawl out of his shell ... predictably, when he did, Matilda dropped him! :)
First Shave Ice, at a food stand just up the beach towards Waikiki from the Aquarium.

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