Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Aloha 3!

Thursday morning after the lu'au dawned, and it seemed a bit wet and drizzly, so we decided to hit Ala Moana shopping center and buy some clothes. It'd been 4 years since John's last chance to buy some Gap Khakis (well, in US dollars, instead of Euros or Pounds!), and his work wardrobe was starting to look a tad shabby. We knew we'd need a stroller, so decided to rent one. To Matilda's delight, it wasn't a regular stroller, it was like a bear car mobile, and she was generally quite happy to sit in it. Except when she wanted to climb under dressing room doors and take photos ... there are times when Mama shouldn't have the camera in her handbag ...

Matildarazzi taking photos of Mama in the change room ...

Matilda-eye-view of the shopping center
Thursday night we SPLURGED and arranged a nanny to take care of Matilda (at *cough* $USD20 per HOUR, with a four-hour minimum payment). Matilda was so excited to see someone other than her parents, and welcomed Kelly with a big hug. John and I went to dinner at Morton's, and we're not sure if it's the GFC or that we went to a fancy steak restaurant on a Thursday night, but it was pretty quiet. As always, we had a lovely meal. To keep up with the splurge-y vibe, our taxi to the restaurant was once again a stretch limo! Two nights in one week!
All dressed up in my brand new dress on the way to Morton's. I was rather mortified that the only shoes I could wear were my Birkenstock sandals (they're still pretty new; it's not as though they are grotty house shoes). I felt less mortified when other diners at the restaurant were wearing jeans and someone even had shorts on, I think.
Some more hula lessons at the Manager's Reception
Listening and striking a pose
Shave Ice at the Aloha Stadium swap meet on Saturday. HOT day, we could all have eaten at least three shave ices each!

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