Saturday, October 07, 2006

Curries and other tricks

Well, we had a nice hot curry for dinner last night. Might as well give a few of the old wives tales/reputed natural methods of induction a go while we're waiting for Bun Rabbit to arrive. The curry doesn't seem to have done anything much, apart from ensure rapid visits to the loo this morning (sorry if that's TMI!). Possibly helped to clear out our sinuses, which is a good thing after the cold we've both had this week (that's JR and KT, not BR!). I found a really interesting suggestion on the internet last night - warm milk with ghee in it. I didn't try it, but certainly a different suggestion ... if I try it, I think I'll add sugar or Quik/Milo/Chocolate mix to help with the flavour!
Today JR and I went up to the Eumundi Markets. We didn't leave til fairly late, but I had a very specific mission - to get some ginger fudge and to get a brochure from people who make these super cool dinosaur skeletons out of balsa wood. Megan gave one to JR a few years ago, which he recently painted white. Then, the Hooker kids came over one night, to find all of these dinosaur bones spread out through our yard - they collected all of the bones, and then helped us out by painting the bones to make them look more interesting. So we now have a multicoloured triceratops in our yard. :) At some point in the future, a stegosaurus will join him ...
Then we stopped by my CM friends, who are on a scrapbooking weekend away up the coast. At this rate, I might as well have gone for the weekend and got some album work done - I don't know how much time I'll have for my albums in the next month or two!! We took JR's car, which was great (helped to test the drive on a bumpy road to induce labour theory, as you seem to notice the bumps more in his car than mine), except for around lunchtime. Ever since the car was converted to right-side drive, the air conditioning has not worked for any longer than a week or so. Black car in Queensland in 28+ degrees ... I guess I shouldn't complain, at least it's not the middle of summer!

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Anonymous said...

Pepperoni Pizza and a road trip on a unpaved road :>)

Love - Diana (in Colorado)