Friday, October 06, 2006

We have a pram!

Almost three months after we ordered (and paid for) our pram, we've got it! I was finally able to pick it up from the baby store on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I had to go back to the store and swap a part with the demo model (we got two "right side" holders for the sun shade, instead of a right and a left ...). But now, the pram is together, and ready to be used. It has a bassinet that the baby uses until they can sit upright. We're thinking that Bun Rabbit will sleep in this until the cot seems like it isn't super huge. Or BR will go straight into the cot ... either way, we're covered. Mum's making some little sheets for the bottom of the pram, but otherwise I think we're good to go.
Still no signs of Bun Rabbit arriving ... it's really looking like next week before we meet BR. It's my brother's birthday on Sunday, so hopefully we won't end up with a doubled-up birthday, but we'll see. So far, we've avoided the other family birthdays in the past week or so (my Mum and my step-sister). Luckily, all of John's family have had their birthdays, or they're far enough away that there's no chance of clashing ... as usual, it's just the complicated Taylors to be careful of! ;)
I'm starting to feel a little bit better from my cold. Still somewhat of a snot machine, but feeling a bit more lively today. I think I'll go and clean some cupboards in the kitchen and sort out the tupperware ... that's only been on my list since I finished work a month ago!!

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