Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Laughing and Rolling

We've had a couple of exciting firsts this week - first laugh and first proper roll! While I was washing Matilda on Thursday night, and she was happily looking up at her favourite light, she laughed! She's got a gorgeous little giggle, and I can't wait to hear it more often. At the moment, lying on the change mat being washed, and particularly having her face washed, is her favourite place to laugh. Big smiles are happening more frequently now, and if I get into her room quickly enough after Matilda wakes up, I get some very big "Hello Mummy" smiles. :)
Then yesterday, Matilda was having some tummy time on the floor. I've been a bit slack about tummy time, partly because I forget and partly because Matilda's had a super strong neck from the very beginning. Anyway, she was really keeping her head up and even her shoulders well off the floor. All of a sudden, she was rolling, and on her back! Matilda repeated the performance when I was talking to her Grandma Richie on the phone to let her know about Matilda's latest developments. We tried for a repeat performance for Daddy last night after her bath, but Matilda just wanted to show off her neck and shoulder strength. She was also checking out Mythbusters on TV, so it might have been too interesting to be interrupted with a roll.
Matilda is now very much in the oral stage of development (as diagnosed by Aunties Petie and Jenny, and me, thanks to grade 9 RE at St Rita's). If she can, she shoves both hands in her mouth at the same time, otherwise it's any possible combination of fingers, toy, or outfit. Dresses look very cute, but at the moment are becoming quite sodden and aren't really being used to cover her tummy ... that's so boring! Matilda's slobbering a lot, so there's possibly some teeth action happening - I don't think they're coming through yet, but apparently teeth can move up and down a bit before they come through. Or perhaps her salivary glands are just working overtime.

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