Monday, January 29, 2007

So you call this thing a thumb? Yummy!!

Towards the end of last week, Matilda discovered her thumbs, I think mainly her left thumb for now. We have caught her sucking on her thumb - which is a bit of change to sucking on most of her fingers at once. She can cram up to six fingers in her mouth at any one time. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon, and M had both index and middle fingers in her mouth ... if only she was able to blow, she'd be whistling!
We've converted M's pram from the basinette/carry cot over to the regular seat. M's head is so strong, and she's so interested in looking around, I think the confines of the basinette were bothering her. This is great for me, because now it's much easier to reach the storage space underneath, and I don't always have to have the nappy bag on my back (it's a backpack).

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