Thursday, January 25, 2007

New photos

Some new photos to share with y'all:

Matilda in her fruit/watermelon outfit from Miss Mary
(Still have to get a photo of her from behind in this outfit - there's a slice of watermelon on her butt!)

Tickles with Daddy after a bath

Hanging out with Daddy on the deck on a relaxed Sat morning

Finally, a few photos where Matilda doesn't look completely cross-eyed. :) We see the paedeatric opthamologist about her eyes on Feb 1, hopefully there's nothing serious wrong with them and she'll just have to do exercises to fix whatever's going on.
Sleep continues to be a fun issue. Just this morning, M was showing signs of being tired very shortly after her 6:30am feed. As she was being a grizzle bum, I put her to bed ... mistake. An hour later, she was still cooing and gurgling in her cot, moving herself around and generally not being asleep. At least she was happy! Generally, getting M to sleep is a lot easier than it was in the early days. Although we went on an excursion to the new Ikea store on Monday, hoping that M would fall asleep in the pram ... another mistake. I'm sure there's a photo of us somewhere at Ikea now saying "Do not allow this mother and baby into the store". M cried the store down, all because she was tired, and would not fall asleep in the pram or in my arms, or even in the car on the way home! She did eventually sleep very well that night, but the screaming session was not worth it to get that long sleep.
Matilda is rarely sleeping through the night now. The little stage of sleeping through when she was younger is well and truly over (and I think that was because she wasn't feeding enough, and didn't have enough energy to wake up during the night). If I'm lucky, M might sleep through one night and then wake up the next. But we're now going on almost a full week of not sleeping through ... we do a dream feed, so I'm not sure what else we can do to encourage her to sleep longer at night ... but I guess if she's hungry, she's hungry. Speaking of hungry ... she's calling now!!

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