Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baptism Photos

Some photos from Matilda's big day (and it was ... she was ready to go to sleep before the service, and didn't end up sleeping 'til the very end!):

At the baptismal font with her parents and god parents

With her Mum and Dad ... I think we're trying to straighten out her dress a bit

Getting a wet head is not fun ... even though M looks rather upset, she didn't cry at all! Her dummy was out the whole time, and Fr Phil wouldn't let us put it back in until she was in our arms. He wanted to show the congregation that any crying did not happen while he was holding M. ;)
Asleep in the hall at morning tea, and against Dr Fred's very earnest suggestions, we wouldn't wake her to help cut her cake ... yes, Matilda will only be baptised once (or that's our plan anyway!!), but we hate waking her, especially when she's so overtired.


James said...

I love that last photo of Matilda - just beautiful.

KT said...

All of these baptism photos were taken by Maddles ... I love that photo, too! She wanted to adjust the lighting on it, but I love it as it is ...

Rhonda said...

That last photo is absolutely gorgeous!