Friday, February 23, 2007

Really rolling now

Matilda has seriously started rolling now. She rolls from her back to her tummy quite frequently, particulary in the cot (those slats at the side are great for leverage). She's also rolling onto her tummy while on the play mat in the TV room. I think getting onto her tummy is pretty unintentional right now, as she can get a bit upset by it. Occasionally, M is also propelling herself forwards a bit with her legs. I hesitate to think she's starting to crawl, more like getting cranky, kicking her legs, and getting a side-effect because she's on her tummy! :)
Other than that, everything's still going into M's mouth, slobber is going everywhere, and dresses and T-shirts are tricky clothing because they can be grabbed and shoved into her mouth ... I think M's growth is going well, she surprised me by sleeping through til at least 5am for three nights in a row ... and then hasn't for the last two nights. I never thought I would want to be telling so many people about how much sleep I'm getting (or not getting, as the case may be).
Mum's made a christening gown for M to wear on Sunday. It's very long and traditional, and has some french lace on it. We'll probably have M in that at the church, and then change her into a party dress at home afterwards.
Should have some new and interesting photos to put up next week!

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