Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First swim, first surf - what a week!

On Sunday, 4th Feb, M had her first swim ever in the Hooker's pool. She's been trying out her very stylish rash shirt and boardies from Grandma Richie, and they are working wonderfully well.

On Friday 9th, M went to the beach for the first time - and she started with the best beach in the world, Rainbow Beach. We had a lovely long weekend with Great Gran Caroline, who enjoyed lots of cuddles with M, as well as showing her off to a few a friends. ;) M doesn't really like the beach yet, the surf was a touch cold, and the water kept on moving in surprising ways. All a bit much for a little girl. We're spending a week up at Rainbow in a few months, and although it'll probably be too cool for swimming, I'm sure by that stage, there'll be much more playing in the sand and other beach fun. We also introduced M to the owner of the local store, as M's the start of the next Taylor generation who'll be running down to her store to buy lollies ...

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Rhonda said...

Gorgeous photo of Mum and bub!