Monday, September 04, 2006

Four Weeks and Counting

Kirsty and I thought it was time that we started a blog for our little "Bun Rabbit", who's due date is September 30.

For those not in the know, it has become something of a tradition to provide children with a nickname while they are in the womb. It has been an absolute scream coming up with some of the names. Bun Rabbit has become the nickname for our little one. This is a compromise between Kirsty and I. As to why, I am staying silent.


Lexie said...

That BR naming story sounds like a conversation that needs to be had after consuming vast quantities of an alcoholic beverage!

As for the naming tradition, I concur that it appears to be a new trend. I know of 5 other couples who have given a nick name to the newest-to-be member of their family.

BTW love the blog concept. I will be dragged into the technology age after all (all be it kicking and screaming) :)

Nattie said...

John as always you have left me quite intrigued!!! Maybe I can pry it out of you once the bub comes and you let your guard down temporarily? I agree with lexie, some persuasive substances might need to be engaged to assist with the coaxing of information!!
This is my virgin blog so hope it works!

Laetitia :-) said...

I haven't read your entire blog (yet) so I don't know if you've revealed the reason for the intrigue but I'm guessing that the "Bun" part may have at least as much to do with that sad term "bun in the oven" as with "bunny".
Unless of course one of your nic's for each other is Bunny and this is a diminutive form.
And the other alternative is that I'm completely off track and talking outright bosh - quite possible, after all, I don't have children to be able to compare notes on this issue.

KT said...

The Bun is from bun in the oven. JR started referring to our bub as "Bun" after we found out we were pregnant. I found bun a bit too cliched, and decided to add rabbit to it. So the nick name became BunRabbit, sometimes BR for short. And now Matilda has a host of nicknames in real lift (Tilda, Tilly, Tilly Boo, Boo ...)