Saturday, September 16, 2006

Working Bee with the Grandies

This afternoon, Annma and Grandad Richie and Gramps came over to help move books and bookshelves. Moving the books and shelves was a simple enough job with all the helping hands involved, so we ended up clearing the whole room of all my unsorted important stuff and cleaning it out. Vaccuumed it. Washed the walls. Washed the floor. Washed the cornicing. Washed the window and fly screens. Aunty Janet and Annma did a great job, I just had to help a little (mainly with the cornicing) and a variety of Enjo fibres were put to very good use! Bun Rabbit's room has started out clean without using heaps of chemicals. :)
Bun Rabbit's room now has the change table and cot in it, and my old set of drawers. Still deciding if the drawers will stay there, and some of my old clothes need to be removed from the cupboard, but otherwise, the room is pretty much done! It was an AWESOME job, and I couldn't believe how much we got done in three hours ... YAY!

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