Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Still in one piece

Well, I'm still one person, and not two yet. :) For some reason, I really think that Bun Rabbit is not going to arrive early, but there's only a couple of days left for me to be proven wrong!
That way my sister Peta will still get to see me pregnant (she arrives home on Friday after being in England and then backpacking in Europe and South America for the past couple of months), and we'll get to go to my step-brother's wedding on Saturday without causing any hassles. I'm still not at the point of "get this baby out of me now", which is kind of surprising. The whole pregnant thing has been going so well for me, I'm not too bothered by it. Might be different if I couldn't drive or if the carpal tunnel style symptoms were more painful. Although I'm pretty much living in about three outfits, so that's slightly tiresome (but very easy to make a choice in the morning!!).
Bun Rabbit's been kicking and moving a fair bit - I thought movement was meant to slow down at this late stage?? I've been suggesting to Bun Rabbit that if it's getting a bit cramped in there, then BR is the only person who can do something about it ...
We've been booked in for an induction on 11 October, in case Bun Rabbit isn't here by then. I'm hoping BR doesn't cook for that long!! We couldn't get an earlier appointment for an induction at the hospital, so hopefully things will happen by themselves before then.

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